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Burning the Midnight Oil by KittehKatBar

Wow. This is amazing!! I wish I could have seen more of your livestream. I love this. It must be challenging having 2 light sources, bu...

Pearl girl and the whales by FadwaAngela

Okay, my first critique. Prepare for rubbish! :dummy: Okay, this is really great. I love the details of the little white dot pearl things (?)...


True Love's Kiss by silvermoon442
True Love's Kiss
Sorry I haven't been posting here lately. I see the giant notifications list and I get stressed and avoid it like work. (A terrible mentality, I know. That's why I needed to take a break.) I have art, but never get to uploading it or I can't get my phone to connect to my computer (as of late. :P

But tonight was a new episode of Once Upon a Time, and if you follow my tumblr you can tell I am a big shipper of Captain Swan. The episode was very CS heavy and then ahd the best scene ever and I had to draw it. Also posted on said tumblr:…

Used with 4B and willow charcoal on 8.5x11" paper.
Blue Birds in a Tree by silvermoon442
Blue Birds in a Tree
Also on Tumblr:…

I wanted to experiment with grey paper and gold details, and this happened! A few weeks old. I was inspired by old-timey wallpapers and traditional drawings of cherry blossom trees. Shown is a bluebird and a peacock surrounded by a cherry blossom tree. Throughout the drawing is little details of gold that I made using my acrylic gold pen. Very useful and fun to experiment with!

I'm using my tablet right now, so I'm playing around with filters on it (the gold turned a lot paler in the photo.. oh well!) And right now my screen is sideways because of the deviantart app.. oh well! thank you for any comments or faves. And remember, my art is mine. You CANNOT repost it anywhere unless I give you explicit permission. Thank you! <3
HeartandVoice Art Trade- Shugo by silvermoon442
HeartandVoice Art Trade- Shugo
Here is the EXTREMELY late drawing of Shugo, HeartandVoice's character: <da:thumb id="410777281"> This is my half of an art trade with her.
She drew Star, from my manga, very beautifully! It can be seen here: <da:thumb id="482462969">

Make sure you check it out on tumblr, too~ Thank you for any and all faves/comments/views. I love you all! :wave:
Yuki Cosplay by silvermoon442
Yuki Cosplay
I realized I posted a WIP picture from almost two years ago, but never posted the finished product!!
This was at Anime Fusion, where I had made and fixed up the scythe, too. (30 hours of work. worth all the compliments and SPG signing it.)

"Fancier" photos were taken, but I haven't asked if I can post them to dA yet, so for now I'm posting it here. Photo from my conbuddy (and you should all like her fb page!… )

I am cosplaying Yuki Cross weilding her anti-vampire weapon, Artemis. From the wonderful manga, Vampire Knight.
I just got a decent digital art software so watch me play around with that.… Sorry if this doesn't go well since I have almost NO idea what I'm doing... ^^;

Thanks for anyone who joined in! I may or may not upload the wip later...


silvermoon442's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Profile pic is of me and the beautiful Bunny Bennett! (I am the pink one, cosplaying Pinkie Pie.)

I love crazy, knee-high socks, singing, my French Horn, marching band, art, and anything nerdy! Fandoms include, but are not limited to, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Orphan Black, anything Disney, Steam Powered Giraffe (and anything else steampunk) and lots of anime.

I'm a 15 year old freshman in high school. I love art and music and being AWESOME :D I fave work if it wows me, is awesome, or is adorable! Or I need it for future reference. :meow: or all of the above. :D

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