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Is it getting hot in here?
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Burning the Midnight Oil by KittehKatBar

Wow. This is amazing!! I wish I could have seen more of your livestream. I love this. It must be challenging having 2 light sources, bu...

Pearl girl and the whales by FadwaAngela

Okay, my first critique. Prepare for rubbish! :dummy: Okay, this is really great. I love the details of the little white dot pearl things (?)...


Hold Me by silvermoon442
Hold Me
Fanart for SPG's new song and music video "Hold Me". It's so beautiful and GOD DAMN THE LYRICISM

This was supposed to be a quick ink sketch but became a full-on charcoal-shaded drawing. Even if the backgroudn swirls don't show and the proportions are messed up, I'm very proud of this and have finally solidified my semi-realistic style.

Thank you for any views, faves, and especially comments! :heart:
Bruises by silvermoon442
Also on tumblr:…
I couldn't sleep so naturally I painted this. Bruises I got the night before during a campout. I couldn't get the color right. Imagine the skin less yellow and more fleshy pink.(Edit: Reuploaded it with fixed background... still a bit darker than the actual painting.)

It was a fun exercise with colors and oils. 2 hours on an 8 by 8 inch stretched canvas. Thank you so much for any views, faves, and especially comments! :heart:
Pulled by You by silvermoon442
Pulled by You

Also on tumblr:…

"Gravity. It makes no sense to me.
But it pulls me, just like you do."

Sooo Steam Powered Giraffe released a new song titled "The Pulls" and I've been listening to it non-stop, which inspired me to make this. Made with charcoal sticks and sakura micron ink pens on 8x10 paper. It was a lot of fun while not being too laborious- about two hours or so. Thank you for any views, favorites, and especially comments! :hug: :heart:
Daughter of Space by silvermoon442
Daughter of Space
"Well back in time in the depths of space
there was a little girl born to the human race

She had fires in her eyes
She was brimming with hyper cosmic ultra vibes"

Also on tumblr:…
and Instagram:…

Inspired by/fanart of Steam Powered Giraffe's song "Daugher of Space" to be released on Vice Quadrant. I'm so excited.

Done with mostly watercolor and some acrylic on 16x14 sized watercolor paper. This is the longest I've spent on a painting since my Grandmother's portrait... Say, 11 hours? And that's rounding down. It was a huge pain in the ass but I still love it and how it turned out. Thank you again for any faves, views, and especially comments!! :heart:
and I don't know what to do with it. A looot of stuff I worked on with my drawing 1 and Painting 1 classes I took freshman year. (For reference, I just finished my sophomore year.) I mean, it's not bad. I just feel like ti's embarassingly old and an embarassingly large amount.

Honestly, I haven't had time to finish many big works in the last few months and I'm jsut a piece of shit who never uploads them. :P Luckily, summer just started so I'll have LOTS more time. I even have some comissions lined up! (which I'll work on on the top of the list.) But I'm a section leader in marching band AND interning at my town's arts center so I won't have AS much time as last year.


silvermoon442's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Profile pic is of me and the beautiful Isabella Bennett

Just your friendly neighborhood asexual!

My interests include SPG and steampunk, cosplay, some anime and Doctor Who, OUAT, Orphan Black, feminism, tumblr, art (painting and charcoal is my favorite), theatre, marching band and French Horn, showchoir, and singing.

Feel free to talk! If you're having a bad bout of depression, dysphoria, anxiety, or just a shitty day, I'm here for you. :heart:

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