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Burning the Midnight Oil by KittehKatBar

Wow. This is amazing!! I wish I could have seen more of your livestream. I love this. It must be challenging having 2 light sources, bu...

Pearl girl and the whales by FadwaAngela

Okay, my first critique. Prepare for rubbish! :dummy: Okay, this is really great. I love the details of the little white dot pearl things (?)...


Daughter of Space by silvermoon442
Daughter of Space
"Well back in time in the depths of space
there was a little girl born to the human race

She had fires in her eyes
She was brimming with hyper cosmic ultra vibes"

Also on tumblr:…
and Instagram:…

Inspired by/fanart of Steam Powered Giraffe's song "Daugher of Space" to be released on Vice Quadrant. I'm so excited.

Done with mostly watercolor and some acrylic on 16x14 sized watercolor paper. This is the longest I've spent on a painting since my Grandmother's portrait... Say, 11 hours? And that's rounding down. It was a huge pain in the ass but I still love it and how it turned out. Thank you again for any faves, views, and especially comments!! :heart:
Updated Marigold by silvermoon442
Updated Marigold
Sidenote: this is the first time in months I've submitted something actually the day after I made it instead of months. ^^;

I changed her design a lot when I cosplayed her but I never went down and drew it. Also, one of my lovely friends Allie is going to do her makeup. If you're on tumblr go follow her right now she's an amazing makeup artist!

I drew her this time without her costume pieces (her hat, choker, jacket she still wears) and hair in a ponytail both so Allie can see the design easier and because I really didn't want to draw them again. :P The weird brownyellow is supposed to be this copper eyeshadow I use for the makeup but I couldn't get the right color from my pencils. Oh well!

I also never posted her backstory for my fanbot. The quick version is basically, she loves living things and the conecpt of life and nature but, as a robot, she can never be alive. So instead she lets plants grow inside her so she can at least sustain life. (Her engineer sure doesn't like this and it's no good for her wiring.) She was made from bluebird robotics, basically a knock-off brand of Walter robotics with singing as her main focus. (You could theorize that she runs off of blue matter. Who knows? ;) Her backstory is up for a little wiggle room.)

Thank you so much for any views, faves, and especially comments! :heart:
Cinderella's Slipper by silvermoon442
Cinderella's Slipper
This art is MINE. Do not REPOST, STEAL OR USE in any way unless I give you CLEAR permission.

Also on tumblr:…
Reference used:…

I really wanted to paint the slipper after seeing the live action Cinderella movie. So I sketched out the show, painted the background, and didn't touch it for months. But now it's finished and I'm very proud.

This was such a pain. I spent probably around 8 hours on this when its just a 6 by 6 inch painting. But it was a good learning tool.

Water-soluble oils on stretched canvas. Thank you so much for any views, faces, and especially comments! :love:
I just realized that none of the last 4 things I've posted are from the last 4 or 5 months. Old art- I have a lot of it, I tell ya! And I have some new art, too. Just... I'm horrible at being on time here.
Pansexuality by silvermoon442
I painted this August of 2014, last summer, but I'm only uploading it now (on deviantart). Origianlly I was going to regift this to a friend who identified as pansexual, but now it just turns out she's hella gay. B) 

It's inspired by this quote: "Some fall in love with parts; we fall in love with hearts." If you don't know, pansexuality is feeling sexual attraction to all genders. Different from bisexual because it's more than two genders, and soem people don't think of people's gender as affecting their attraction to them, etc.

Also on tumblr:…

VERY popular there. Acrylic on a 12 x 12 acrylic pad. Any views, faves, and especially comments are very appreciated!! :heart: I love you all. Thank you for your support on my artistic journey.
and I don't know what to do with it. A looot of stuff I worked on with my drawing 1 and Painting 1 classes I took freshman year. (For reference, I just finished my sophomore year.) I mean, it's not bad. I just feel like ti's embarassingly old and an embarassingly large amount.

Honestly, I haven't had time to finish many big works in the last few months and I'm jsut a piece of shit who never uploads them. :P Luckily, summer just started so I'll have LOTS more time. I even have some comissions lined up! (which I'll work on on the top of the list.) But I'm a section leader in marching band AND interning at my town's arts center so I won't have AS much time as last year.


silvermoon442's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Profile pic is of me and the beautiful Isabella Bennett

Just your friendly neighborhood asexual!

My interests include SPG and steampunk, cosplay, some anime and Doctor Who, OUAT, Orphan Black, feminism, tumblr, art (painting and charcoal is my favorite), theatre, marching band and French Horn, showchoir, and singing.

Feel free to talk! If you're having a bad bout of depression, dysphoria, anxiety, or just a shitty day, I'm here for you. :heart:

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